The Battle Arms Development BAD-CASS-FA Full-Auto Ambidextrous Safety Selector Kit (Black, Standard/Short Levers) is a drop-in safety switch upgrade for M16/M4 receivers but will also fit any AR15 or AR10 receiver. Features interchangeable levers for maximum flexibility and user preference with 36 possible lever configurations. The BAD-CASS differs from the BAD-ASS by using a robust Dovetail lever attachment designed for heavy-duty and full-auto weapons. The BAD-CASS Safety Selector increases manipulation and control of the weapon as the levers are deeply grooved for an ultra-secure grip in any condition. A geat improvement for any user, especially for South Paw and left-handed shooters. Constructed entirely from heat-treated carbon steel and parkerized in manganese phosphate. Includes all mounting hardware.

Note: although it will also fit semi-auto AR15/AR10 receivers, it will NOT convert the receiver to full-auto.

Made in USA


  • Made for Full-Auto M16/M4 receivers with 3 positions; safe, semi, auto
  • Also fits any AR15 or AR10 receiver of any caliber; will NOT convert semi to auto
  • Robust dovetail levers designed for heavy-duty and full-auto weapons
  • Precision machined from 12L14 solid carbon steel
  • Safety bar is parkerized with manganese phosphate
  • Heat treated to Rockwell 48-52
  • Aggressive diagonal grooves provides positive engagement
  • Rounded edges for comfort and smooth manipulation of lever
  • Torx Screws for added strength and minimal stripping
  • Includes spare screws, detent, spring and Torx wrench

Package Contents

  • 1x Matte Black Safety Bar/Axis (3-Position)
  • 1x Black Standard Combat Lever
  • 1x Black Short Combat Lever
  • 2x Torx Screws
  • 1x KNS Selector Spring
  • 1x KNS Stainless Steel Safety Detent
  • 1x T10 Torx L-Key