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Brand: Ergo Grips
Product Code: ERG-4373-DE

The Ergo Grips 4373 18-Slot Ladder Panel (FDE Flat Dark Earth) offers very low-profile 1913 Picatinny rail coverage and hand protection. The Santoprene material provide a rubbery surface for improved weapon control and rail protection. Easily cut for custom lengths, each panel fits one side of a carbine-length rail (18 slots).

NOTE: As usual, FDE color will not 100% match with other brands.

Made in USA


  • LowPro Rail Covers protect unmounted rail areas from damage and shield the operator from sharp rail edges and excessive heat
  • Prevent damage to gear (such as rappelling ropes) that may be abraded or cut by uncovered rail sections
  • Santoprene covers provide very low profile & rubbery grip surface for improved weapon control
  • Can be used for covers, protectors, spacers, locators and other add-on rail fixtures


The panel is made from Santoprene, a thermoplastic elastomer which is much higher in quality than standard polymer. Santoprene differs from standard polymer as it is highly heat-resistant, allowing it to be used with centerfire calibers without it melting on the rail handguard. The cheaper alternatives made from standard polymer will melt on the rail from the barrels heat when in use on a centerfire firearm. This can potentially cause damage and burn marks on your valuable rail handguard which will need refinishing or a new handguard altogether.

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